What is a Your Pinnacle Shop?

Pinnacle UK have setup a template for online shops, for any customer who wishes to have one. It's great as it's totally FREE to set-up and you can earn a kick back on all orders that go through your shop, so over time you will build up money which you can then spend with us on any items you may require.


The real great thing about the online shops, is that we take the headache away from you, so no more trying to compile a list of people's names wanting merchandise, they just pop onto your site (online shop) click the items they want and we deliver the items straight to your members, we take care of everything!


Your members can even have the option to customise their clothing, by adding their names, etc. When they click onto the item that they wish to purchase, a comment box will pop up and ask that person to add in their name or names, but only if they wish for it to be added, as this is totally optional, we can set the shop up any which way you require.


If this is something that may be of interest to your organisation we can have this up and running within a week.


Please contact the sales office at Pinnacle UK on 01903 215872 or email us at sales@pinnacleuk.com should you wish to discuss any of the above.


Please click on the banners below to view a few sample shops that we have put together for some of our existing customers.

For any queries please call us on 01903 215872
or email sales@pinnacleuk.com